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Car Care Tips & Tips

The benefits of car care are not only good for the car owner, but also for the environment and society as a whole. Read on below to find amazing car care tips and tricks or follow us online.

Can You Use Rubbed Alcohol to Clean Headlights?

WD-40 A WD-40-based solution can be used to clean headlight lenses. This solution should be applied sparingly to avoid damaging areas of the car. However, WD-40 can also cause damage to the headlight bulbs, as it can leak oil into the headlight bulb. This can lead to blurring and burning. After applying WD-40 and rubbing alcohol to clean the headlights, use a fine sandpaper to scrub the headlight lenses. You [...]

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Can Vaseline Waterproof Leather?

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to protect your leather furniture, you can try applying petroleum jelly to it. This oily substance can penetrate the pores of leather and create a waterproof finish. You can even apply it using a clean cloth and use a hairdryer to help it sink deep into the pores of the leather. Oil-tanned leather When it comes to waterproofing oil-tanned leather, Vaseline comes in [...]

December 10, 2023|Categories: Uncategorized|

Is it Bad to Pressure Wash Your Car?

You may be wondering if pressure washing is bad for your car. There are two major concerns with this process. The first is that it can damage your car's paintwork. Pressure washing your car with too much pressure can force the dirt particles against the paint, resulting in scratches. This can be avoided by using a gentle water stream. Why you should pressure wash your car Pressure washing your car [...]

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How to Nourish Leather

To nourish leather, you can use a variety of methods. Murphy Oil Soap, a common household cleaner, can be applied to leather. It is best for cleaning wooden surfaces, but it can also be applied to leather. Baby oil can also be applied to leather, and this can give it a new lease on life. Make sure to wipe away any excess oil after applying it. Olive oil Olive oil [...]

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How to Wax Gloss Black Wheels

When cleaning glossy black or matte black wheels, the best method is to use a cleaning solution. This is easy to do with Meguiar's G55012 Classic Wash and Wax Kit. You will need a bucket for this process, labeled with the cleaning solution and warm water. Meguiar wheel wax Meguiar's wheel cleaner is perfect for cleaning and maintaining your car's factory wheels. Its hydrophobic polymer technology doesn't wear off and [...]

January 17, 2023|Categories: Uncategorized|

Does a Ceramic Coating Shine Like Wax?

There are several myths regarding Ceramic Coatings. Some are true, while others are simply misleading. Some of these myths are the product of marketing campaigns and misinformation provided by companies. A Ceramic Coating does not make a car bulletproof; it simply protects the paint. You should consider using Paint Protection Film instead if you really want to protect your paint. Nano ceramic coating A ceramic coating is not like a [...]

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How to Rejuvenate Black Rubber

If your black rubber has faded or discolored spots, you can rejuvenate it by using a special cleaning solution, such as Naphtha or Goof Off. Both can be purchased at most drugstores and are perfect for removing old, faded rubber and restoring its black color. However, some types of dirt can be too stubborn to remove with a cleaning solution, and you may need to use a stronger chemical to [...]

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What Grit Sandpaper Should I Use Before Clear Coat?

If you want to give your project a smooth finish, you must first sand the surface to the desired level. You can start by using 320 grit sandpaper and finish off with 400 or 600 grit. However, you can also choose to use finer grades such as 2000 grit if you want a smoother finish. 320 grit A common question from people who are planning to paint their cars is [...]

January 13, 2023|Categories: Uncategorized|

How to Restore Car Paint

High-speed rotary polisher There are many benefits of using a high-speed rotary polisher for car paint restoration. The first is that it removes surface scratches and swirls. You can also use the polisher to remove oxidation from the paint. Oxidation is a result of paint reacting with oxygen in the air. Buying a high-speed rotary polisher is the best investment you can make to restore the paint on your car. [...]

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